World War Two

This informative site has been created for everyone who has interest in World War Two. 70 years ago this year we remember that many young men and women from every corner of the world fought for our freedom and many gave the ultimate sacrifice.

On the site you will find stories, objects, photographes and even letters from those dark years. Many of the objects are being used in yearly commemoration events or museums. Our collection keeps on growing every year and if you would like to know how you can donate an item that you would like to be used for such an event please use the How to Donate button in the top menu.

If you have any questions or would like us to create a tribute page for a relative who has been a veteran please use the contact us button in the top menu.

                      “Never forget”   “Never again”


displayDONATE AN ARTIFACT Our collection consists of objects ranging in size from tiny uniform buttons complete groupings from one individual. People that make donations to our travelling museum appreciate the fact that items will be displayed at various exhibitions in Europe and that each item will be documented and shown here on our website. The collection is life lasting and will eventually be placed in a museum. Every artifact or document is enormously important in helping to bring history to life.

Books and Periodicals. Books written during or about World War II..

Ephemera. Wartime ephemera such as brochures, postcards, leaflets, programs, theater tickets and souvenirs will be placed in our archival collection and treated as artifacts

Medals and Insignia. Medals and insignia can be utilized for various purposes like creating small displays.

Scrapbooks. Scrapbooks made by the veteran or relative showing his service.

Photographs, Letters and Journals. Please make the copies you need before sending us the originals. As for World War II service documents, we do not necessarily need originals. In fact, you will probably want the original Separation Papers and/or Discharge Papers. We will accept CDs, DVDs or good copies of wartime prints (though we prefer originals). Photocopies, low-quality copies and internet printouts are generally not suitable library donations on their own—only as backup personal information.

Reunion Materials. Reunion materials to supplement original personal collections.

Service Documents. Copies or original discharge papers that are accompanied by other donation materials, but we are not accepting copies sent without supporting collections.

Uniforms. Uniforms worn while in performance of one’s World War II service.

Yearbooks, Unit Histories and Newsletters. Items printed during the war years will be placed in our archival collection and treated as artifacts; post-war books written about WWII will go in our library collection.

Please use the contact button if you would like to donate an artifact.