Welcome to World War Two Online, a website dedicated to honoring soldiers who fought for our freedom during one of the bloodiest conflicts the world has ever known.

This website seeks to honor participants from every country who fought for freedom. The veterans featured are remembered by various documents, photos, and battlefield narratives. Many of these soldiers gave the ultimate sacrifice, and we are able to honor their memory only. Some are still living today, and we say thank you for your service.

The site is owned and maintained by Eric Bijtelaar, a Holland native and WWII enthusiast who has been collecting artifacts since he was 8 years old. Eric’s invitation to us all, as we browse this site, is that we would continually remind ourselves that these veterans have given much, so that we might live for what matters.

—Marcus Brotherton

author of We Who Are Alive & Remain, A Company of Heroes, and Shifty’s War

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